When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment
around a common purpose, anything is possible.
— Harold Schultz

The Journey

Life is good. You've already proven that success is attainable. You have grown up, persevered and achieved. There comes a time when our purpose moves beyond taking care of ourselves, taking care of our family and taking care of a career.  The Purpose Journey is a unique opportunity to explore the world and collaborate with a small, curated group of women.  We will travel to South Africa, leaving behind our hectic lives, our daily stories and experience a once in a lifetime trip of purpose and generosity.

This is no ordinary adventure. Get ready to indulge your mind, body and spirit.  We start in the Cape Winelands, unwinding and disconnecting from the weight of our life back home.  Next we travel to Cape Town, South Africa where we will visit a trio of charities and find out first hand from the founders about their work in the community.  Then we will indulge our senses with an exclusive look at the food culture and meet the people behind the scenes.  Finally, we will go deep into the forest on safari in the private Phinda nature reserve and experience the delicate balance of nature first hand and up close.

To ensure a deeply rewarding experience, the journey is limited to 8 travelers.

Each person will have the opportunity to participate as a theme host during the trip to ensure we discuss topics relevant to each individual and generously give each other support in creating future chapters of our lives.


  • 9 days and 8 nights of YOU time
  • Luxury accommodations in some of South Africa's best hotels and safaris
  • Everything inclusive, everything arranged
  • Themed "Salon" lunches
  • Private dinners
  • Travel with a small, amazing group of women
  • A professional photographer to document the experience and capture lifestyle shots for each participant
  • Prosperity and Purpose Workshop
  • Build and deepen relationships with like-minded women to create an international network of prosperity and generosity